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You’re Going to Hollywood!- That’s what fellow Chicagoan Chris Medina (26) was told this season on American Idol after he sang The Script’s “Breakeven.” Chris blew up on the show when he also shared an emotional story of devastation about his fiancé who was put in a coma w/ severe injuries after a brutal car accident. He literally had Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson in tears when his fiancé, Juliana Ramos was brought into the audition room in her wheelchair, as Chris professed his love and commitment to stay w/her.

Chris was most recently passed up to advance on the show, but his story, character & heart made the world take note & care, and for that I believe he is a wonderful representation of our city & I wish him & Juliana all the best!

Chris wrote “What Has Become Of Me” during his visitation at Christ Hospital following her car accident. His band, The Able Body recorded a full version. Click here to donate to the Juliana Recovery Fund/Laurus Foundation. The Laurus Foundation was introduced to help advance the lives of individuals with disabilities by facilitating, collaborating, and partnering with other organizations to provide long-term solutions to meet lifetime needs.

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  1. Gia Spencer

    HI Billy!!

    It’s been a long time, but when I saw you posted Chris’ story I thought I would make a connection for you. Juliana (Chris Medina’s fiance) is Michael Spencer’s niece. I am not sure if you knew this since I am not sure who you stay in touch with these days. Anyway, Chris is an incredible Chicago guy and all this exposure has been wonderful in so many ways for Juliana. Thanks for supporting Chris!!!

    I hope all is well with you. I see you are as busy as ever. Congrats all on all of your accomplishments!!!

    Take Care.
    Gia Spencer Wilson


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