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I love creative, helpful, simple and super effective ideas that Chicagoans come up with everyday that continually make chicago the best city in the world- and I’m psyched today to highlight one that an old friend of mine named scott Goodrich is heading up called Bin Donated!  Bin donated specializes in free residential and commercial donation pick-up.  Meaning…large 55 gallon bins are placed around the Chicagoland area in apartment buildings, offices, stores, schools etc and are there to collect donations of everyday goods that are easy and accessible to most, but that many can’t obtain for themselves. They gather anything from food and cell phones to toiletries and school supplies. From there, Bin Donated delivers those goods to their partner charities such as Camp of Dreams, Chicago Public Schools, Interfaith House and the YMCA. Love it.
It’s amazing to hear what has been “bin donated” thus far – 535 lbs of food, 2,826 lbs of books, 2,117 lbs of hygiene products and so much more. Think of all the things in your pantry, in your garage, up in your attic that you’re holding on to for no real reason, and then picture all the people you could be helping by donating those items. check out for more info, facts and where you can bin donate… and thanks for your support!

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