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busta rhymes is one of my favorite rappers….has been since the 90s….so it was a dream come true to have him perform live at my aChicagoThing blog launch party while nick cannon dj’ed and a packed room of chicago’s movers and shakers went bananas! 

he is a big fan of chicago and our rap talent, even picked up chicago management (whatup jon jon!), but what really struck me was his american pride and determination in improving our outlook to the rest of the word….that and his ability to stand in the middle of our room with a mic and freestyle with no music making the crowd go crazy…..enjoy! 

remember all, how can you show your love for the chi (& the usa as a whole)? take one minute today to tell all your friends and contact by email, twitter, facebook, phone calls, whatever….& ask all to listen to these wonderful personalities share their stories so the rest of the world knows how great our city (& country) is and how we want to share & strengthen friendships with the rest of our world! don’t forget, i am posting one new celeb interview per day here until the oct 2nd announcement that chicago (& the usa) will be the home of the 2016 olympics! so keep checking out who’s next! thx and….best of luck to all!

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  1. suzi

    seriously, dude, you wore a baseball hat to meet the President and First Lady?? You gotta be kidding!! HonestlymYou look like you could be a handsome man without that hat. You just don’t have the knid of face that works with a baseball hat. Unless you are horribly disfigured (and so sorry if you are, then do disregard this), take off the HAT! It looks cheap, tacky, and brings down your whole look. I turn the TV off whenever I see you b/c I can’t look at that tackiness…we all know you have $, so stop wearing cheap hats. It’s not becoming at your age.

  2. mytkeen

    Having roots in Chi from way
    long ago and starting school
    in the City, with my friends
    from the entire world, I can
    say that this Town is the
    perfect place as the Olympic
    venue in 2016. They will not
    find a better one, ever. Get
    down with this. lol


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