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I hung out w/ one of my comedic heroes dan aykroyd over the weekend from brunch to late night at rockit- and when he heard I was a volunteer for the chicago Olympic movement- he freaked out with excitement and wanted to jump on immediately- he even thought it would be cool to step into this little shop to film an impromptu interview together with a little portable camera I happen to have had in my back pack- literally we just whipped it out and started filming- click the video above- it speaks for itself!

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    I love Dan and everthing he has done especially showing his homage to the blues via the Blues Bros. and his radio show.I must repectfully disagree with bringing the Olympics to Chicago.We can’t afford the city’s taxes as they are let alone having to foot the bill for this event.You might say that it will create jobs but what happens when its over? The wear and tear on the city is not worth it.If it was a subsidized event thats one thing but such is not the case.Its really not worth all the commotion it would cause.The bottom line is we can’t afford it especially in this economic climate.


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