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After pounding mad amounts of food at sunda last night, joel madden & I walked it off on way to the underground where he was dj’ing the big absolut party we had… while talking about his trip here… fascinated that he came in town so early just to enjoy the city, shop, eat,… I find more and more these days that celebrity performers don’t just fly in and out for gigs- they come early or stay late just to enjoy the city!  Smart-

When talking about how excited he was that he and Nicole Richie are expecting their second baby soon, I told him that I was psyched to be a father one day too, and asked if had any advice about balancing family with working in the entertainment industry (he’s working on a new album with good charlotte)…. He smiled real big and said ya- it all comes down to… happy wife happy life…. Hmmmmm, thought that was pretty smart too!

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  1. Anonymous

    Cheers to Joel for his wise advise. As a wife
    & mom of four a happy husband is a happy life to.:)I get it golf on
    Saturday is ok as long as I can have my girls night out.


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