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Pick a topic – any topic. Now, with a group of your friends, create a comedy sketch and a song to go with it. You have 1 minute. GO. Not the easiest task. It takes a special person with talent to accomplish such a goal… and have it be funny. Living in the city of Chicago, we have our pick of comedy troupes and clubs. We even have entire organizations dedicated to the craft, such as Second City and iO. With such a great pool of individuals out there willing to share their passion with audiences, don’t you think we deserve to laugh at them and with them?

I recently attended a show featuring Stacked, an all female Musical Improv group. They delivered a “four-part harmony through a wide range of characters and clever play.” The energy on stage was infectious, causing all in attendance to be engaged in the action. Its this dedication that is taking them all the way to the Toronto Improv Festival in about a month. Scenes from recent shows are up on their website. If you need a laugh – or two – take a look!

Catch the ladies of Stacked, Leotard Foundation and Slow Clap! on Friday, September 23 at Midnight in the Del Close Theater. Tickets are $5 or FREE for iO students. Interested in becoming a student? Check it out here.

Evan Jones

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