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if you follow me on twitter, you know I get to eat some pretty fascinating food, and a lot of it!  Well inevitably, someone always asks, how do you work all of that off!?!  half of that answer really revolves around working 24/7 and needing fuel/calories to do so… but yes, working out hard is the other half, so thought I would share one of the ways I hit the gym here by sharing an interview mark beier from “chicago fit club” on did on me a couple weeks ago following (and joining!) me & my trainer james bach for a “hero fitness” workout!  Check the video above watching me get pushed to do innovative stuff you may have never seen before (or atleast I haven’t).. and click here to read the answers I gave Marc off camera about how i try to stay in shape despite my busy schedule, my alcoholic drink of choice, my worst food vice, what scares me & more!

Oh, and for those who are a friend of mine on my facebook… I’m treating each of you to a complimentary team training session (I love these classes) at hero fitness… And if not a friend yet- just click the “like” button on my new facebook landing page, then email & say you want to try a class courtesy of my friend Billy Dec.. and enjoy!

About hero-

Hero Fitness believes that each individual has different levels of physical activity and that success is not dependent only on athletic ability, but improved body composition, greater ranges of motion, increased athletic ability, better balance, elevated levels of neuromuscular efficiency, pain-free movement and accelerated cardiovascular wellness.  At hero, fitness goals are encouraged and defined by the individual.  They offer both private training and team training with cardiovascular conditioning, neuromuscular conditions, high intensity training, strength & toning, technique, yoga, and mobility & flexibility.  Hero Fitness is located 1941 n. elston ave & can be reached  at 773.278.8840.

about chicago fit club-

mark beier is the owner of “on the go health & fitness”- a company dedicated to providing health, fitness & nutrition to busy professionals to increase productivity & live a longer, healthier life by providing a healthy work-life balance.  he couples his 15+ years of experience in the corporate world along w/ his culinary school education to provide clients individualized tasty, healthy food alternatives w/ an excellent exercise program. mark has shared his passion of helping people lead better lives on nbc news, abc & ok! magazine.  mark can be reached at for more info on his individualized health programs!

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  1. cathy

    Love them T-bands!!! tough workout but gets the job done. thanks for sharing


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