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Growing up my best memories were the ones sitting with my grandpa and listening to Jazz and Big Band music. The appreciation for the way all of the individual instruments could mesh as one to create something so special as an emotional groove was something I will never forget.  This music appreciation from a young age was so influential in my life, from my high school music programs, professional dancing career, night club djing, and of course my radio career.  That is why The Chicago Academy of Music really caught my attention as something I wanted to be involved with.

The Chicago Academy of Music is a non-profit organization that offers music education in low income neighborhoods in the south and west sides of Chicago.  The program includes weekly musical instruction, daily after school group music classes and specialized year round workshops for the youth.

Help make a difference in the lives of today’s youth.  By making a donation or purchasing tickets you are helping to enrich a student’s life in a very powerful way.  Make the choice to reinforce positive values in the young through an exciting musical education.

The More Dance than Dinner Soiree comes alive on November 18th, hosted at Tantrik Chicago.  Come join us for a night filled with dancing and live entertainment with the best of the best Chicago local performers.  Musical selections range from Jazz, R&B, Hip hop and Tango; a delicious treat for your ears no matter what your musical pallet might be.  Entertainment starts at 7pm; grab a friend, date, or come alone- You don’t want to miss this!

For more information and to purchase your tickets click here!

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