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as you may know, I try to help a lot of chicago talent thru twitter and facebook who could use a little exposure for their songs, art, craft,… a simple shout out, an introduction, or maybe even a spot on our stage,… and when they do make it big, I’m still all about pumping them up… anything to help the ultimate dream that I think we all share, which is the reason why I started this blog… and that’s to show the world, whatever it takes, that chicago talent, art & culture… is absolutely world class!

and with that, it is my honor, to say congrats to chicagoan andrew belle, who was recently named MTV’s “Best Breakout Artist” w/his songs now being played on shows like “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”,” “One Tree Hill,” “90210” and more!  And for his huge launch of his debut full-length album “The Ladder” which was just released on Tuesday on iTunes exploding on to the scene making it #1 on the singer/songwriter chart and the 24th most downloaded record in the country overall! (get it all here

with that much success, this chicago rockstar of ours deserves a party- so since our relationship all started with him performing at rockit brunch, for many weekends over the last couple years, where else to celebrate this enormous album launch, killer award, long list of accomplishments,… than back at home!  So with that, join andrew & crew, along w/ his rockit family and friends for a celebratory live performance at rockit wrigley this Sunday night!  If haven’t heard him (or even if have), watch this video… you will really dig being with him, and hearing his passion live, on this special night… for info & rsvp contact

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