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Ok- I definitely don’t think I’m cool enough to represent the cs men of style issue- but big props to the modern luxury & chicago social family for putting a regular fellow Chicagoan on the cover when most mags usually feel forced to stick a random celeb or model on the front to make big issues fly off the stands… I am totally thankful, honored and still in shock- especially in an issue when some of the coolest people in the city are featured like david barnett, gregory hyder, danny wirtz, jeff mills, pj loughran, nicholas scimeca, jeremy bustos, dj rock city and fernando beteta… all I can say to all is grab this issue fast!  In meantime, here is a link to the mag online if want to check it out…  

And join me at the private vip issue release party hosted by the great list of guys above this Thursday april 9th @ the underground from 9p-11p by rsvp’ing to

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  1. V. Lyons

    Congrats on the cover. Curious though… why don’t you have a venue that allows patrons to enter with the slack and hi-end sneaker. I’m used to LA where thats the norm but seemed to get turned away here?


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