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20th Anniversary Bear Tie Ball

Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation is hosting its largest annual Bear Tie Ball to date! This year marks 20 years as the foundation devoted to eliminating pediatric cancer, as well as providing support and resources to those affected. The ball will take place March 9th at 6pm, at the UIC forum. Guests can dance, dine, and participate in auctions throughout the night, and will be given the chance to hear eight year old honorary Bear Hug Ambassador Theo Yianas share his story of strength.
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Movie Review of ‘Holy Motors: An Odyssey Into the City of Light’

Holy Motors marks the return of French auteur Leos Carax after a 13-year hiatus since his last film. And he arrives in grand fashion, positing an exuberant, surreal tale that’s quite unlike any other film in recent years. Any attempt to accurately and succinctly convey the narrative would prove futile, and perhaps beside the point. Mr. Carax presents an avant-garde patchwork of scenes, whose only commonalities are the lead character, the distinct visual fingerprints of its director, and a pervading sense of despair.
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Common Threads Celebrates 10 Years With World Festival at Soldier Field

Hi Chicago! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jessica Ortiz and thank Billy for his support throughout the years. Billy has been a close family friend for some time now after being a student of my dad’s at Chicago- Kent Law School. One thing I admire most about him is how much he gives back to Chicago, especially to the children. I found my place at the Chicago-based nonprofit Common Threads in 2012 and knew exactly who to contact as I quickly became a Chicago foodie. Who else puts more photos of food on social media than Mr.Dec?
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Everything Healthy TV at Flirty Girl Fitness

Everything Healthy TV is a hot new web series about fitness, diet and balance tips and tricks that you can use to look and feel great. We’re hosting our February episode at Flirty Girl Fitness where you’ll be able to try out one of their classes, enjoy a pampering service and be part of a live audience during the show’s taping. The episode will feature tips from Dr. Hilton Hudson, well-known chef and blogger, Beth Aldrich, Kerry Knee from Flirty Girl Fitness and more.
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Help Redmoon Light-Up Chicago at Spectacle Lunatique!

Prepare yourself to experience four blockbuster spectacle moments, 1,874 candles, 164 performers and 31 wild happenings throughout seven hours of celebration at Redmoon’s 12th-annual Spectacle Lunatique.
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Bailey’s + Benefit= Your Red Carpet Glow

Get red carpet ready this year at Gilt City’s “Red Carpet Ready” event taking place on Thursday, February 21st from 6:30-9:30pm at the Vertigo Sky Lounge in the Dana hotel and spa! Enjoy Bailey’s drinks and flavor-inspired hors d’ouevres, along with a $40 gift certificate from Benefit Cosmetics, $20 in Uber credit, (which can be used toward your transportation from the event, or at a later date), make up applications, demonstrations, free eyebrow waxing, makeup application and so much more! Cocktail recipe cards will be provided so you can recreate the sweet treats you taste! What more could we ask for?!
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PAWS CHICAGO’S “Animal Magnetism”

Hey Chicago!! It's 103.5 KISS-FM's morning diva, Angi Taylor, guest blogging to talk about the amazing PAWS event Animal Magnetism I want you all to know about! Ever thought it would be fun to get dressed-up, get the family pooch (or pooches!) dressed-up, and hit the town together for a swanky night out? You can, AND you’ll be raising money for PAWS Chicago at the same time. Win-win!
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Never A City So Reel

It’s no secret that we Chicagoans can’t get enough of this wonderful city we call home. From the over abundance of restaurants, to the never-ending list of things to do, to the Midwestern charm we badge ourselves with, it’s hard to find a reason to not like Chicago. What makes this city even more special is the fact we have the unique experience to be exposed to people from all different walks of life-right in our very own backyard. How many other cities across the U.S. can truly compare?
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Tłusty Czwartek (Fat Tuesday – the Polish Way)

Fat Tuesday: the last day to indulge in richer, heartier foods before the fasting of Lent begins. Or, for some, it’s an excuse to throw your diet out the window and eat whatever you want only to then give up “the bad things” for 40 days and nights(ish) – no judgment. New Orleans is known for their Mardi Gras celebration: masks, drinking, parades, music, drinking, parties, drinking…you get the point. In Chicago – and other areas with large Polish communities – Fat Tuesday is also referred to as Pączki Day.
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What is This Thing Called Love?: Joffrey Ballet Chicago

There is a school of thought held by many editors that two people writing an article is impossible. We assured Billy that would not be the case. We are accustomed to finishing each others sentences. Most get the hang of it. Those that don't? Not our problem really.