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The Sh*t Show Monthly Comedy Showcase

Hi, this is Rasa Gierstikas from the planet Earth and I'm here to tell you about The Shit Show comedy showcase. The Shit Show is “Chicago’s Premiere FREE Monthly Comedy Showcase” that is held the LAST Friday of every month at 8pm at The Shambles! Local comic Ever Mainard and I host/ produce a comedy variety show the last Friday of every month that includes emerging local comics to seasoned performers who have appeared on David Letterman, B.E.T., etc. Prizes are given to audience members, as well as, performers with the night’s “Best Joke!” by The Shit Show’s very own Hotdog Man (Keith Paesel) -winners determined by the audience.
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Battle of the Beats: Red Bull’s Thre3Style Takes Chicago

It’s a pretty well known fact that Red Bull events NEVER disappoint. What’s their secret? I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s as simple as “thinking outside of the box.” Red Bull is always a hop, skip and a jump ahead of the curve, hosting events that aren’t even on the rest of the world’s radar. So, I wasn’t surprised to learn that Red Bull Thre3Style is, yet again, like nothing else out there.
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Maverick Musician to Perform at City Winery: Jose Feliciano

Wednesday, January 23rd at 8pm, world-renowned musician Jose Feliciano will be performing with special guest DJ Sound Culture at City Winery. Even if you don’t recognize his name, you are probably familiar with some of Feliciano’s work, including the holiday staple “Feliz Navidad.”
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The Cheekiest Chicks of 2013!

Hey it's Cheeky Jessica! We're serving up another swank event for you! The true essence of being Cheeky is all about confident women treating each other with respect. As a women’s lifestyle magazine in the city, CheekyChicago is honoring, empowering and celebrating ten of the most successful, powerful women in Chicago, while sharing the true meaning of living the Cheeky way, every day.
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Chicago Artist Jess Godwin Headlines the Historic Mayne Stage Friday, January 18th!

Dear Chicago, Live music! Free Cookies! Boobs! Ok, TOTALLY kidding about the boobs. But I have your attention now, right? This Friday, my band will playing a big all ages show at Mayne Stage to promote the release of my new single, “Santa Monica”, and it would be amazing to see you there. All of you! All five of you who didn’t run for the hills when I said, “live music”.
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Clean out your closet: Closet Angels turns clothing to cash for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Hey Chicago!!! It's Jayna Cooke- Founder of Closet Angels! I'm guest blogging to tell you all about my organization and how we can help each other. It’s a New Year and time to get rid of that all those clothes and accessories you have not worn for 2+ years. That is the rule of thumb – if you have not worn it in 2 years it is time to get rid of it! Donate to Closet Angels and instead of getting a few bucks from consigning your items you get a valuable tax write off AND you are supporting St. Jude Chidlren’s Research Hospital! Win, win & win.
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Looking for Spring 2013 interns at Rockit Ranch Productions!

The CEO of Rockit Ranch Productions, Billy Dec, is currently looking for Spring interns! We are looking for outgoing, fun, energetic people who love Chicago, believe in our brand, want to work hard, learn a tremendous amount and have a strong grasp on the current and up and coming social media platforms and trends.
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1st Annual Visual Sound Awards Celebrates Best Use of Emerging Musical Talent by Global Brands & Entertainment in 2012

Tara Flocco here-Director of PR at Music Dealers! I’m guest blogging to tell you all about an amazing event that happened just a few days ago right here in Chicago. Over 400 guests gathered for the inaugural Visual Sound Awards (#VSAwards) to recognize marketing and advertising campaigns, TV shows and films that have utilized music in the most successful and creative ways to drive value for Music Dealers’ global brand and entertainment partners, while showcasing the profound impact these projects have had on the emerging artists whose music is featured the campaigns.
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Kitchit Chicago is Here!

Mia Hall here, Chef Network Director at Kitchit! I was having coffee this morning with Chuy Valencia, a great Chicago chef and a contestant on Top Chef season 9. Chuy was saying that is a great way for chefs to reach their audience – people like you and me – in their homes.