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Chicago Brew Ho Ho Shines Light on Local Home Brewers

There’s no better way to spend your Saturday than basking in beer samples & treats… for FIVE hours. Next Saturday, January 21st from 2-7 pm the Chicago “Brew Ho Ho” event is going down. For just $20 at the door you get 10 beer sample tickets & 5 treat tickets and a sample of Angel’s Envy bourbon. Everyone’s invited but you must at which time you’ll receive an email confirmation with the location of the event.
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Relive An Infamous Chicago Snow Storm This Winter With Blizzard ’67

It’s January 26th, 1967 in Chicago and snow has been falling for five hours. Four inches of snow had been predicted, but it’s clearly risen above that calculation. You’re caught in a carpool in the middle of the blizzard with three work rivals. The good news is if they freeze to death before you do then that sweet promotion you’ve been waiting for is right at your fingertips! This is the melodrama that follows created by Chicago veteran Jon Steinhagen and directed by Russ Tutterow the Artistic Director of the Chicago Dramatists. Blizzard ’67 is sure to keep you warm and cozy as you enjoy the mind games played by four businessmen inside of a car during the blinding Windy City blizzard of 1967. Watch these strong men crumble under the pressure of the devastating blizzard and enjoy the psychological changes they go through during the storm.
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Taste of Chicago Turns into a Nibble

I heard the news on the radio.  Taste of Chicago is going to be revamped (again) for 2012.  The Taste will be chopped from 10 days to 5, and moved from the 4th of July week to mid-July (July 11-15 to be exact).  I had always thought that the excitement from the Taste came from its grand proportions – of food, music and crowds. Yes, I said it, the crowds.  The immense, hungry crowds walking their way into Grant Park, bibs tied on to catch the drool, in anticipation of sampling the flavors that make Chicago the dining capital of the world!  The Taste was the thing to do leading up to the 4th of July.
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From NYC to Chi Town: A Clever Move

I moved to Illinois from New Jersey a month ago with big plans of starting my young life in Chicago. Almost every day a Chi-town veteran asks me one question, why Chi? You would think that having been so close to New York City I would get sucked into its gravitational pull, but no, I found asweet escape from those filthy streets. Coming from the NYC area few peoplerealize how delightfully overrated NYC truly is. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking my tri-state, but I certainly had a few clear reasons to leave the city that never sleeps for its Midwestern equivalent. Here are my top ten reasons to move to Chicago!
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Worlds largest Sketch Comedy Festival Right Here in Chicago!

As many of us begin to complain about this brutal breeze that our Chicago winter has to offer, we begin to think of INDOOR activities that will take the place of what we would rather be doing OUTDOORS! But, have no fear because I have the answer (laughter is promised too!) Starting January 5th and running through January 15th, The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival is here for the 11th year in a row at Stage 773!
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A Night of Murder And Mystery At The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Museums planned multi-million dollar purchase of a fine Leonardo Da Vinci classic has come to a bloody halt. The museum curator has just been murdered, and it’s up to you and your team of investigators to discover who done it! All you have to do is crack the code left in the curator’s appointment calendar to discover what drove his murderer to commit such a dastardly crime. Shocking secrets will be revealed as you and your mystery team discover clues that uncover the murderer and his motives.
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Chicago History Museum Displays Designer Charles James Genius Deconstructed Exhibit

Join the fashion elite at the Chicago History Museum from now to mid-April and check out Chicago native Charles James Genius Deconstructed exhibit! Imagine yourself in these vintage gowns and take notice to the fine architecture and craftsmanship brought to you by Charles James.Born in 1906 James has astounded the fashion world by creating incredibly crafty and perfectly detailed garments. A young James taught himself everything he knows about creating garments, from fitting hats to glamorous gowns. With extreme ingenuity and the eye for fashion, James opened his first hat shop in Chicago at the age of 19. His garments are often adorned with ribbed corsets and fancy collars, and more often than not cascade down and outward. James has always had high profile celebrities like Coco Chanel pining after his creations. Marisa Tomei recently rocked out in a vintage gothic Charles James piece earlier this year at the Oscars, and Angelina Jolie wore an elegant gray tight fitted James dress in the Tourist shortly after.
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Free Download of Chicagos Best Local Music: The 24 Seven Chicago Mixtape!

Chicago Mixtape is a project that Casey Meehan started in February 2011. Every single Monday morning through, Casey sends out an email blast of free high-quality music from local musicians to all of his subscribers. The first track includes a personal message to all the listeners from the creators of the mixtape: Casey Meehan and Marisa Ruiz, who works for 24/7 Chicago & They candidly explain that the purpose behind creating this best of the best compilation is to promote talent coming out of Chicago!