Lookingglass’ Theatre Presents The Great Fire Coinciding with the 140th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire

Everyone from Chicago knows the story: In October of 1871, a huge fire blazed through the city of Chicago, destroying everything in its path. It was probably caused by infamous O'Leary cow. But whatever the reason, from out of the ashes, Chicago arose a new, bigger and better than ever. Now, coinciding with the 140th anniversary of the Chicago Fire, the Lookingglass Theatre is inviting Chicagoans to take a deeper look inside this infamous event with the play The Great Fire.
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Improvised Musical Showcase at Chicago’s iO this Friday!

Pick a topic - any topic. Now, with a group of your friends, create a comedy sketch and a song to go with it. You have 1 minute. GO. Not the easiest task. It takes a special person with talent to accomplish such a goal... and have it be funny. Living in the city of Chicago, we have our pick of comedy troupes and clubs. We even have entire organizations dedicated to the craft, such as Second City and iO. With such a great pool of individuals out there willing to share their passion with audiences, don’t you think we deserve to laugh at them and with them?
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Chicago Gateway Green’s 20th Annual Green Tie Ball

I can’t believe this is the 20th anniversary of Green Tie Ball! I remember when I was graduating college and wanted to get involved in one charity that I knew could allow me to make a difference. I had always heard the best party of the year was called Green Tie Ball, so I did my research and found it was so much more than that I had to get involved.
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Chicago Band Map & Atlases at 1st A.V. Fest

Unless you’re some sort of magic snowman reading this blog in a Wi-Fi equipped freezer somewhere, you probably don’t want summer in Chicago to end. Part of the problem of losing the warm weather is it means we have to temporarily say goodbye to the gajillion music festivals that take place here. But before winter hits and the magic snowmen reclaim the streets, the pop-culture/entertainment website The A.V. Club is bringing us one more outdoor festival.
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Slow Food Presents : Goose Island Pig Roast

A lot of talk is given to fast food and the restaurants that are associated with the “eat on the go” movement. However, there is a shift taking place right here in Chicago which prides itself on moving at a slower pace - actually tasting your meal and knowing that it was prepared through sustainable means. Slow Food, a not-for-profit organization believes that “the food we eat should taste good and that our food should be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health.” Additionally, Slow Food focuses on the producers, stating that they “should receive fair compensation for their work, and be treated with respect in their communities.”
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“The Interrupters” via Chicago-Based Kartemquin Films

The warm weather is on its way out - signaling the end of the Summer Blockbuster. Throughout the past few months countless movies have made their debut; some reaching the coveted ‘blockbuster’ status, while others simply just fizzled. A majority featured A-list cast members and numerous explosions, but few had substance. If you’re looking for something true, local, and inspiring, check out Kartemquin Films (KTQ) newest feature: The Interrupters. Approaching their 45th Anniversary Celebration on September 15th at the Metro, KTQ is world renowned for producing grounding breaking documentaries right here in Chicago. Past films include Hoop Dreams (1994) and No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson (2010). There are various showings of The Interrupters throughout the city. Take a look!
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Material Issue: Chicago’s Most Underrated Band?

Hungry for some new music to listen to? Then let me point your attention to the band Material Issue. Although technically not “new” per se, this amazing band formed in 1985 right here in Chicago. In 1991, Material Issue released one of the best pop albums ever, International Pop Overthrow, and broke on to the national music scene. Unfortunately, it seems as if the band had either arrived too early or too late with their fresh take on straight forward pop music. By the time they released their second (and equally great) album, grunge bands like Nirvana and new alternative sounds from the likes of fellow Chicago band The Smashing Pumpkins had taken hold. Sadly, the world never got to see Material Issue recover their popularity as frontman Jim Ellison committed suicide in 1996.