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David Schwimmer, Joey Slotnick & I Hosted Our 1st Madhatter’s Ball 10 Years Ago! Don’t miss it this Saturday- 10yrs later!

10 years ago my buddies David Schwimmer & Joey Slotnick were looking for new ways to raise money and awareness for their non profit theatre group Lookingglass to build their first home in the Historic Water Tower Pumping Station on Michigan Avenue. I strongly felt their was an active, art/theatre loving, socially conscious & supportive younger demographic in Chicago that would love to get behind it so I founded the Lookingglass Theatre's Junior Board and kicked it all off with a giant 1000 person event called the Madhatter's Ball that David, Joey & I hosted that was a huge success!

Jeremy Piven & Billy Dec host 2011 Piven Theatre Workshop Benefit AfterParty at Rockit!

This video of Jeremy Piven & I on set of HBO's "Entourage" is not only funny, but explains what kind of work we have been doing to raise money for children's art & theatre scholarships for about 10 years now- check it out (its from last season, so event info for this year is updated below!). Actors out of Chicago like John & Joan Cusack, Kate Walsh, Aidan Quinn… Have all benefited from the same classes (I'm giving away a classes below!) and have hosted the same events with us over the years (giving away some afterparty tix below!) and I look forward to seeing who will make it big out of there next!

Flirty Cupcakes on Wheels!

Recently, I came across this huge teal van with about 25 customers waiting in line for it. Like anyone, this peaked my interest and I began asking what this line was for. The group of people told me it was for Flirty Cupcakes- a local Chicago company. I’m not going to lie, this was the first time I’ve heard of Flirty Cupcakes. With a long line such as this waiting for just a cupcake, I felt like I just had to try them to see what the hype was about. A good ol’ 15 minutes passed waiting in line for these cupcakes, but I finally received a delectable Flirtini cupcake and I fell in love. I’m talking about the moist cake melting away in my mouth, the smooth flavorful frosting, the wrapping, the decoration- it was a package deal and they sold it!

Chicago Photographer Gino Baileau on the rise!

Hey fellow Chicagoans - Dana Ragazinskas from Billy Dec's office here! I’d like share with you this "up and coming" photographer that I dig -  even Perez Hilton has taken note! Gino Gusich, also...

AVON Breast Cancer Benefit w/ Katarina Visnevska

Hey there! It's Morgan Waller from the Marketing Department here at Rockit Ranch Productions - so I’m taking a leap and writing for for my first time ever - Nice to “meet” all of...