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Recently, I caught up with musician and longtime friend of ours Pat Gilroy. He has definitely accomplished a lot since I’ve last spoken to him.  Pat has a new band called The Super Happy Fun Club, with an upcoming tour and a recently released album titled “Go Fun Yourself.” The Super Happy Fun Club started out as six friends who’ve always partied together, but never played for the same band. Now, they’re like the Chicago super group; comprised of members from Lucky Boys Confusion, Treaty of Paris, The Waiting Game, Logan Square, One Life, and Close Enough. The Super Happy Fan Club is an alternative rock group, heavily influenced by their experiences in their previous bands. They’ve come together to create a unique sound of their own, having had no idea that their just-for-fun activity of writing tunes together would turn into something this big.

Pat is super excited about their tour, being their first one together, along with their good friends Madina Lake. Within 24 days, they’re playing 19 shows in six different countries. I asked Pat what he’s looking forward to the most and he said, “The most exciting part of touring is the opportunity to see so many amazing cities including London, Berlin, and Paris. In Paris we’re playing at this super cool venue called Nouveau Casino which is located on a boat that turns into a nightclub when the show is over.” Of course The Super Happy Fun Club is performing in Chicago as well! They’re performing August 13th at Bottom Lounge and on September 10th at Well St. Fall Fest.

When I asked Pat what his ultimate goal his, he said to win the lotto. He’s always been a genuinely nice and funny guy so it’s good to see great things happening for him and his band. Their album Go Fun Yourself is available on iTunes, Amazon, and on CD through their website: & check out one of their songs here!

Dana, Intern

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