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Speed dating isn’t just for comic relief in movies anymore. I know what you’re thinking…speed dating? Really? Au contraire – While speed dating may seem so 10 years ago, it may be a great alternative to going on the prowl at the local sports bar down the block. Everyone knows that you choose whether you like a potential suitor within the first five minutes anyway, right? You’re either into the person, or they’re just not your type…then it’s on to the next one. That’s why speed dating is a perfect set up – there’s no pressure to walk away if you aren’t feeling it, the bell calls it quits and magically another cutie plops down across from you.

Once the time is up you will have met anywhere from 8-20 men or women, depending on the event. SwiftDates, the people who throw the event, helps those who made connections get in touch and plan a first excursion together.

The Option Room, a bar and cocktail lounge in the heart of the Chicago Loop with a great vintage and old school vibe, will be hosting the event on October 12th. Drink specials will be offered for those participating in the speed dating activity. Some of the best bartenders around will be slingin’ dranks to provide a little liquid courage, but keep it classy.

Ahh, love in the 21st century.

Mandy Stifter

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