NYE In Style

Not to ostracize half of our readers, but guys you have it easy for New Years. You have three options. If you’re going to a black tie party, you wear a tux. If you go to a cocktail party, you wear a suit. If you go to a bar, you wear nice dark wash jeans, a nice button down and nice loafers. That’s not hard. So this post will solely be about women.

Chicago’s 43rd Annual Gay Pride Parade and More Fests and Fetes

Wigs, gaudy makeup, beads, crazy costumes and...don’t forget the rainbows. Chicago’s 43rd annual Gay Pride Parade is this Sunday at 12 pm! Show your support for our city’s vibrant LGBT community by lining the streets for one of the most popular parades in the city (and country!). It’s always a crazy event with people cheering the procession and enjoying the show, culture, and reveling in our city’s dazzling diversity!