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Live Jazz, Ugly Sweater Contest, Rare Beer: It’s Fischmas Chicago 2013!

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I’m Brandon.  Born and raised in Chicago, IL right in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.  I love everything about this city – the people, the sights, the bars… everything.  It truly is a great city to live in for many reasons, even more so if you love beer!

I have a multitude of jobs, but working on events at Fischman Liquors and Tavern up in Jefferson Park is a blast!  We took an old school taproom and liquor store, sprinkled in some of the best craft beer you can find, added some bi-weekly events and created something very special in the city.

Our bi-weekly tapping events are, of course, centered around craft beer.  Be it a specific brewery, or style of beer, we create a delicious beer line up, then invite out some of the cities best food trucks, kick in some live music and we have ourselves a little party!  On top of those events, we also through in some very special events we have each year, our Kegs for Kidneys fundraiser that we hold every June is a craft beer tasting in support of the National Kidney Foundation.  With over 30+ breweries representing, this surely is an event for beer lovers of all levels.

We also have our annual Fischmas event where we pull together 12 rare or highly sought after beers and have a 5 hour tasting!  The event includes live jazz music, raffles, an ugly Christmas sweater contest, snow and more!  This year, the event is on Saturday, December 14th at 2:00pm.  Tickets are still available for a cost $30 in advance, and $35 at the door!  The twelve selected beers for this event are:

  1. Samichlaus 2012
  2. Evil Twin Even More Jesus
  3. St. Feullien Speciale
  4. St. Bernardus Christmas Ale
  5. Scaldis Noel
  6. Great Lakes Christmas Ale
  7. Goose Island Proprietors Bourbon County
  8. Firestone Walker Parabola 2012
  9. Bruery 6 Geese-A-Laying
  10. 5 Rabbit Brandy Barrel Aged Missionario
  11. Prairie Artisan Ales – The Beer That Saved Christmas
  12. Virtue “The Mitten” Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cider

Interested in joining us?  Tickets are available here!

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26 Beers For 26 Letters Of The Alphabet

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If you’re anything like me, you can find yourself in the liquor store on any given night spending as long as ten Chicago minutes to decide what the heck you actually want. You walk in, look around for something appealing in the front first, you’re feeling adventurous so you wander over to the import beers, no sales, and you quickly talk yourself out of to drinking a beer you can’t pronounce all night. You shift to the domestics where you start calculating ounces to dollars, looking for that hidden sixer of tall boys that saves you a buck from the 12 pack… college budget. Then, next thing you know, you’re sitting on your couch watching a game with the usual Budweiser in hand… real adventurous.

To my boring beer drinkers, and craft brew connoisseurs alike, this Saturday, January 21st at the Local 22, a perfect pint sized event is commencing. Alpha Beer VII: The Chicagoland Edition, is a 3 hr tour of all the lagers, ales and frothy brews you can drink. I’m talking about a total of 26 different beers, one for each letter, to satisfy all your taste buds’ needs and leave you feeling for a lack of a better word, well…drunk. I am SOLD. The best part about this event is that the focus of these beers will be on Windy City (and surrounding area) breweries. Chicago has seen a kegs worth of new small craft breweries, and specialty liquor stores in the past few years and the scene seems to constantly grow among Chi-towners, you have to respect that. California, you can keep your wine scene, were starting our own over here that doesn’t require any ridiculous glasses!

Guiding all of you enthusiasts will be Chef Jill Houk, who certainly knows a thing or two about the naughty water. A former smuggler of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale (before it was sold in the 2nd city), and home brewer who has hosted multiple beer appreciation events, she will be as entertaining as she is passionate. It should be an epic night! Get your tickets in advance at the link below and save $10 off the $50 price at the door. Eat, drink, and be merry!

For more info on the event you can click here.

- Cheers


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