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All my pics from South Africa, Namibia, Safari, Great White Shark Diving, Sandboarding…& more!


Those of you who follow me on twitter & facebook got to see some amazing pics in real time on my recent African adventure and I appreciate all your raving reviews!  For those who didn’t follow me (you really should click and follow now to stop missing out), I included a bunch here as people keep asking for more!

This trip was so amazing that I am going to let the pics speak for themselves… and click to see videos of me great white shark diving, on safari, eating with andrew Zimmern of travel channel’s bizarre foods, biking thru a game reserve & sandboarding down Namibian dunes… and give a big thanks to wendy Conlan who planned my trip along with ker & downey, one & only capetown, kapama, andrew zimmern… and everyone else who made it unforgettable! Thank you!

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I’m Great white shark cage diving in south Africa! Check this video!


You must see this video of me submersed in a cage off the most southern tip of the Africa surrounded by great white sharks!  It’s literally me being transported smack into the middle of shark week- live!  I left the exact port area of gansbaai, traveled the same route south, passed the same seal island, dropped myself in the same cage,… all just like you see on shark week, but there is nothing like huge great white sharks staring you down eye to eye coming within inches as they bump your cage to get face to face forcing you to realize that they are there to check you out in their world now!

Speaking of spending the day face to face with great whites, I actually learned a ton about their lives, wants, needs, conservation efforts, natural beauty, strength & all around awesomeness!  Similar to what I am learning about Africa actually!? It was another amazing eye opening experience after a perfect 1st day of exploring capetown & the entire cape point area, and a more chill day today where I can now take it down a notch and explore the wineland areas where I know there are some of the best pinotage & pinot noirs in the world, as I have already done my fair share of sampling, and am about to see & taste much much more… thanks to all following the adventure in real time w/me on facebook & twitter (click to follow me too) and too all of you sharing these stories, pics & videos with your friends & family.. hope you enjoy… more to come!

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