Never A City So Reel

It’s no secret that we Chicagoans can’t get enough of this wonderful city we call home. From the over abundance of restaurants, to the never-ending list of things to do, to the Midwestern charm we badge ourselves with, it’s hard to find a reason to not like Chicago. What makes this city even more special is the fact we have the unique experience to be exposed to people from all different walks of life-right in our very own backyard. How many other cities across the U.S. can truly compare?
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“The Interrupters” via Chicago-Based Kartemquin Films

The warm weather is on its way out - signaling the end of the Summer Blockbuster. Throughout the past few months countless movies have made their debut; some reaching the coveted ‘blockbuster’ status, while others simply just fizzled. A majority featured A-list cast members and numerous explosions, but few had substance. If you’re looking for something true, local, and inspiring, check out Kartemquin Films (KTQ) newest feature: The Interrupters. Approaching their 45th Anniversary Celebration on September 15th at the Metro, KTQ is world renowned for producing grounding breaking documentaries right here in Chicago. Past films include Hoop Dreams (1994) and No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson (2010). There are various showings of The Interrupters throughout the city. Take a look!