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Walk the Beach for Syd Rocks!

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Hey it’s Syd!  It’s so cool that I get to write about Syd Rocks and our upcoming awesome beach event.

I was lucky enough to meet Billy Dec when I was 12 years old.  He was hosting a charity event for Make A Wish and I was there since I was a “wish” child.  This means that I had a life threatening illness and Make a Wish granted me a wish to help me get through the tough medical things I was going through at the time. I will never forget how much Make A Wish did for me and how much I appreciate Billy’s generosity and support for that organization.


When I was diagnosed with Langerhan’s Cell Histiocytosis (LCH for short, a rare blood disease) at the age of 10 years old, I honestly didn’t know how I was going to get through the year of treatment ahead (I was treated with chemotherapy and steroids). I missed a ton of school and felt really down, but I realized that I had the perfect project to occupy my time and also help me gain control of the situation.

During the summers before I got sick,  I had been making necklaces from rocks I found on the beaches of Lake Michigan and selling them to earn some money.  I realized that the I could sell my rock necklaces with the purpose of raising money for research for the disease I had. LCH receives very little government funding for research so every dollar raised really makes a huge difference. So I got busy making and selling my necklaces.  That was 5 years ago. I feel great now and I’m still at it.

Now I have a website and have sold thousands of necklaces. And this summer, we are gearing up for the biggest event we have ever had to benefit our foundation.  It is called Walk the Beach for Syd Rocks 2013.  We are going to have hundreds of friends come to the New Buffalo Michigan public beach on August 17th at 2pm Central Standard Time to walk on the shore and collect rocks to be used for the necklaces. There will be necklaces making, rock contests and some other fun surprises. I can’t wait! it will be a great time. Our goal is to collect 8,000 rocks in one day. People can register online and get sponsored by their friends or people can just donate to the cause if they can’t participate that day.

To check out the website for the event go to

Hope to see you on Aug. 17th at the beach!


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Make A Wish w/ Jordan, Daley, Corgan, Urlacher, Blackhawks, Rockit Ranch & more!

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The Make A Wish Foundation of Illinois is celebrating their 25th Anniversary of their Gala the “Wish Ball” this Saturday May 21st by honoring 25 people and organizations that they have deemed “Leaders In Joy!”  I am beyond honored to say that I am among this humbled group along others like Michael Jordan, Mayor Daley & Maggie Daley, Larry Wert, Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, Brian Urlacher, the Chicago Blackhawks and more. Since 1985 Make A Wish has been granting special wishes to children facing life threatening illnesses giving each child the power to decide the nature of their wish, providing a sense of renewed faith, courage and self-confidence. These are not in any way “last wishes” but experiences that remind the wish kids that although everything in their world seems to be falling apart, there is still good and magic out there, and I love that message.

As much as there are “Leaders In Joy” being honored, to me this event will be way more about celebrating the work that the Make A Wish team has done by granting nearly 10,000 wishes across the state! One of those wishes was for an awesome little girl, Sydney Martin, (in picture above) that I had the pleasure of meeting last March when helping her present her necklace jewelry line in a run-way show. I blogged about Sydney right after not only because I was extremely moved by her story, but also I was excited about her talents & future.  She was diagnosed in 2007 with an extremely rare blood disease called Langerhan’s Cell Histicytosis (LCH), and started her own necklace line she has used to raise over $120,000 for LCH research.  I’m just inspired by that, and feel like I got just as much out of helping, as she may have received by being granted a wish.

Because of the wonderful feelings and giving all the way around, I’m really looking forward to honoring her, the many many other kids like her, and all those that have been an important part of building the Illinois chapter in to the largest and most well-known wish-granting organization in the region.. to be included in that is something I will always cherish.

For more information about the Make A Wish Foundation and this year’s Wish Ball – please take the time to visit

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My Make A Wish Friend – Syd Rocks!

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If follow me on twitter you know I’ve been searching the best of Napa wineries over the weekend looking for new inspirations and discoveries in wine (and food!) to bring home and maybe incorporate not only into our venues like Rockit and Sunda, but also for future possible wine concepts. As you can tell from my tweetpics, nature and natural elements out here are highly visible and appreciated….which probably lead to my surprise of being complimented quite a bit about the stone I wear around my neck. Having watched everyone who asked about it almost tear up in appreciation over the story behind it, I thought I would share it with you….


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