The Perfect Girl’s Day Out: Sassy City Chicks at the Drake Hotel!

Hey Chicago ladies! This Billy Dec’s intern Lauren Hurt again, here to let you know about another great fashion event coming your way! Cece & Melinda with Raymi Productions will be hosting this fun day at The Drake Hotel on Sunday, July 28th at 11:00 AM. This afternoon will be a fabulous excuse to get out of the heat and into this luxurious locale for a day of shopping and spa services. The event will bring together dozens of designers and boutiques from all over Chicago to give you a shopping experience like no other. You and all your friends will be able to browse through carefully handpicked collections of jewelry, makeup, handbags, skincare, and aromatherapy from wonderful Chicagoland boutiques.
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Chicagoans Support Artist Jesse Palter Live

Thank you all for sending me great chicago talent to feature & support, keep em coming! The latest of talents was into'ed to me by several people that follow me on twitter, a friend that works for Oprah,...
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oprah live in chicago on michigan avenue!

I absolutely loved being live on NBC w/ anchor Marion Brooks for the Oprah taping yesterday on Michigan avenue!  Check out the video above- it was so official, up above the crowd stage-side all mic’ed up,...
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my craziest day on radio ever!

  Yesterday I started as a guest on Mancow / wls 890am … listening to him scream at me & everyone else angry-faced about obama, david carradine, patty blagojevich and all kinds of crazy stuff… while...