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Just arrived in Miami for the Winter Music conference to check out what the world’s best DJs are spinning to better understand what different demos and cultural groups are listening & dancing to…. and of course to support some of our best Chicago DJs asked to showcase their skills amongst the rest like….

E-SIX (The Crossfader King, The Underground), Jordan V (Ego Productions, The Underground), Kalendar ( Ego Productions), Million Dolla Mano (Movement), Holly Wood Holt (Choclaolate Industries), Roy Davis Jr. (Scion Radio, Out Loud Agency), Jason Tyler ( Chicago Night Club, Miami) and DJ Rock City (The Underground)
Congrats fellas…. Proud to follow you out here and show them what we’re made of!

(btw, check pic above of me at ohare on way out here w/the entire place wrapped in chicago Olympic signage welcoming visitors from around the world! Its so officially amazing!)



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