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On January 21st from 12 pm to 6 pm the 4th Annual Winter Block Party for Chicago’s Hip-Hop Arts is going down for FREE at the Metro! Thousands of people attended WBEZ 91.5’s Off Air Events Series last year and 2012 will be no different. This free party will feature graffiti galleries, breakdancing performances, a film screening of “The People Speak”, and the best music by some of Chicago’s BEST DJ’s. The list of fun & free things to do goes on and on but what caught my eye was the Emcee Olympics hosted by Urban Music & Hip-Hop Barbershop!!

If you’re not ready to stop the party there you can end your night at the 2012 “Legends of the BodyRock: An All-City 3-on-3” at 8 pm! Based on the history of breakdancing in our city- the Legendary Brickheadz will host final rounds of a LIVE head-to-head “3 on 3” battle! If you’re not on the dance floor, no worries because this evening will feature interviews, past footage, and you get to cheer for your favorite!

Chicago’s DJ’s participating in the event:

Vocalo DJ Collective, Pumpin Pete, Big Once, Trancid, Charlie, and Jesse De La Pena

Hosted by former members of Liquid Soul : Luis Perez and Dirty

This is an all-city event that celebrates lyrics, style, art, dance, community so come one come all!

Amanda Rivera


2 Responses

  1. Morgan Hopp

    I would love nothing more then to go to this event! I live and breathe hip hop and in fact have a reoccuring dream that I write for The Source magazine. That also goes along with my reoccuring dream that I am on The Ellen Show, which is neithier here nor there! I love Chicago and would love to be able to emerse myself in all that is hip hop in Chicago!

  2. Trey Jimenez

    I’m all about the art form of Hip-Hop, From break dancing to djing & mcing, its an art form that is best expressed through emotion and voice. I think it would be awesome to be a part of Chicago’s Hip Hop Block Party & celebrate with everyone.


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