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Hello Chicagoland! My name is Michelle Higgins, Marketing & Development Coordinator at The Actors Gymnasium. I’m guest blogging today to tell you about our awesome new show Circuscope.

Imagine a show where we don’t know where we are in time or space. Where the performers use circus to tell the story of the fascinating world on the other side of the microscopic lens. One character is a dot, one is a tardigrade and one is an air plant/aloe plant looking creature.

Think its too awesome to exist? Well it does. Acclaimed clown and headliner Dean Evans describes the show as “one of the most unique shows I’ve worked on in my 10 years in Chicago” and “visually incredibly different than any other circus I’ve ever even seen.” That’s in large part because of his character. “I wanted to explore the idea of being an organism and I started thinking about a water bear, which is a microscopic organism that survives by being almost indestructible.”

circuscope 2

Not exactly what you had in mind when I said circus? You aren’t alone. “This is my first experience with circus,” says Lesley Fisher. “Not only is it really amazing and beautiful to watch, but we’re telling a story that everyone can relate to. Most people don’t have much experience with this. They think of big top, of animals. They don’t think of stuff like this.”

circuscope 3

Need something to escape cabin fever? See a show that incorporates physical theatre, rope acts, black light moments and numerous surprises for a truly unique experience. Join us February 14 – March 22. Buy tickets through or by calling 847-328-2795. We are located right off the purple ‘L’ line (it drops off in our parking lot) at 927 Noyes Street, Evanston, IL in the Noyes Cultural Arts Center.

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