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At a young age, Ally discovered her love of music and performing when she saw street musicians performing in Chicago and immediately started to sing with them. From that point forward, her passion for music continued to grow & she knew she wanted to become a performer.

Growing up, Ally traveled with her mother constantly and thus was exposed to all different genre’s of music from hip hop, gospel, jazz, latin, classic rock, and many others. She took her new love of music and used it to join two choirs in Toronto, Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir (TMYC) and York University Gospel Choir (YUGC.) During this time, she even began to write her own lyrics and music that was inspired by her life experiences traveling around including to places like Chicago, Puerto Rico & Spain.

Ally is now currently starting her career as a recording artist and is definitely somebody that you should check out. It’s amazing to see what talent is inspired from Chicago and it’s always great to lend support to one of our own. Check out the video above to hear one of Ally’s songs & for more info, check out her website, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Matt Kochis, Intern

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