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Hi Chicago! Lareka Renee here, one of the newest additions to Billy Dec‘s intern team at Rockit Ranch. I wanted to share with you this amazing an all-female band with an amazing mission!

When asking anyone about Chicago, what are the first things that come to mind? They’re usually shopping, dining, or most often the Sears Tower (yes, Sears, not Willis), but the natives of this city are very familiar with the rich, diverse, and cultural art movement happening all over the city. From the European inspired Pop Art to the heavy underground hip hop scene that has even begun to find its way into main stream media, Chicago artists are making statements. We found that while some of the creative pieces are done solely for fun and entertainment, others are creatively protesting against the underdeveloped education system of the Southside or the amassed stories of youth violence. Whatever the motive, Chicagoans are making statements, and the all-female band SHE has emerged onto the scene with something to say.


The independent all-girl band out of Chicago consists of six members: Shay, Loona Dae, Midori, Page, Ashley, and Margie Renee. The ladies describe their sound as edgy, soulful and honest. With heavy influences of jazz, R&B, alternative rock, and funk, song topics ranging from love to feminism, and performing for charitable causes such as the fight against Lupus, these girls are on a mission to restore the girl power of the music industry. As the opening act for popular artists such as Musiq Soulchild, L’Renee, and Rahsaan Patterson, these girls are getting plenty of notice around the city as well as the entire Midwest. Each young talented woman has her own unique style and when fused into one powerhouse sound you’ll certainly remember the band that simply calls themselves, “SHE”.

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  1. Sean butler

    Thanks for the swift response! And thanks for spotlighting them! I’d heard about them through the grapevine but had never heard their music. I only give praise when it’s due and these ladies deserve it…this song is a monster and needs to be heard be the masses. It’s a smash hit and I can easily see it being placed in movies, television and commercials. Strong vocals, music, arrangement, lyrics…the whole package. Not only will people love this here in the states but they will go absolutely crazy for this overseas….especially in the UK. They need a video for this ASAP…

    Anyway, thanks for being a true tastemaker and shining some light on the incredible talent/music we have right here in Chicago. As a person who has spent considerable time between NY, Los Angeles and Atlanta on the music scene, I honestly believe if more people follow your lead, Chicago will become THE music Mecca. We have both the talent base and the consumer base. All that’s necessary is the infrastructure. It’s been done before (record row) and can be done again….

  2. Lareka Reed

    Hey Sean!
    So glad you enjoy their music! I wrote about them because I know just how much talent is in this city, yet not enough of this amazing talent is getting the publicity and recognition they deserve. Please continue to keep up with them on Facebook and sound cloud. They perform very often so please catch a show!! The support is greatly appreciated!!

  3. Sean butler

    Thanks, Lareka! I definitely will. Kudos to you for shining a light on them and for responding swiftly with their info. Truly appreciate it. Been telling everyone I know about them!


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