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How often do you find a band that sounds great live and on CD? The Giving Tree Band is one of those bands!

These five guys live and travel together and that shines through in their live energetic shows. The energy in the room cannot be duplicated and cannot be denied. This band wins people over everywhere they play and just keeps gaining momentum. They can be found playing at the Taste of Randolph on Saturday June 14th at 7:30 pm. This is an all-ages free show, so bring the whole family.

Some of the best things about The Giving Tree Band happen off the stage. Everything the band does have a purpose behind it. They are careful and thoughtful in the decisions they make. Their latest video series is the perfect example. As they are on tour, they are visiting various National Parks and recording songs at various parks. They film the majesty and beauty of our nation’s parks because they love the land and want to share these treasures with everyone no matter where you live.

The band also has been celebrated and awarded for their green efforts. “E” Fink, the lead singer and co-founder of the group, is always looking for ways to better the bands carbon footprint. In 2008, they recorded the world’s first carbon neutral album using renewable energy at the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center in Baraboo, WI. They also use 100% recycled materials in their album materials, tour in a low emissions vehicle, and their instruments are made from reclaimed wood and naturally fallen trees.

These five local boys are sharing their talent and making friends wherever they go. Come out to Taste of Randolph on June 14th to see what critics are calling “undeniable” and in the “first rank of American song writers”.

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