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I never ever thought I would see that title myself, but here’s a quick little video montage of me hosting the cbs morning show shooting out my feelings on the economy, Tiger Woods, technology, travel, culinary talent, twitter, facebook, the film industry.. and more!  not bad for having to be awake at 230a to be on set & in their make up room by 3:45a huh!?!

shoutout to CBS for inviting me on live TV like that to help deliver the news, such an honor.  and special shoutout to on air talent Mike Hegedus, Terry Savage & Laurence Holmes who really did all the hard work, and do it everyday, while still being so welcoming, supportive & fun with me as a rookie!  we had a blast!

thank you also to all of you who got up early to watch me, or followed the highlights by following me on facebook & twitter.. which btw, reminds me I must apologize to cbs & all watching for holding my phone in order to send those updates out, so unprofessional… but not as unprofessional as when they came back live after commercial break and my seat is empty because I had to pee!  ugh, coffee- sorry!  haha, will be better next time!

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