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Shocking title I know – someone who beat me to the paper just texted it to me! Just wanted to confirm its true and that I couldn’t be more excited! Although I’m sad to see Oprah leave on the 25th, I’m thrilled to join the on-air team for the NEW ABC morning talk show filling her time slot (9a) the very next day (5/26) with such a wonderful group of talent, execs, crew…I can’t wait!

I’m most excited for you all to see my every Thursday segment about Entertainment/Buzz/Social Media/Events (set your DVR’s now just in case!).. But don’t just tune in then, as you never know when or where I might pop up elsewhere on the show… not to mention everyone on it rocks!

As always, follow me on & not only for what’s happening behind the scenes  & what’s to come, but also to shoot me any events, trends, stories… you think I should share on the show!! Speaking of, be sure to follow!/WindyCityLIVE as well!!

Shoutout to all on our team…President & General Manager Emily Barr, Executive Producer Marlaine Selip, Supervising Producer Cindy Patrasso, Senior Producer Hank Mendheim, Co-Host Ryan Chiaverini, Co-Host Val Warner, Producers Dan Barbossa, Mary Hynes, David Plummer and Matt Knutson, Producer/Editor Jared Hoffa, Director Greg Klazura, Associate Producers Jessie Kalin, Dawn Watkins, Ji Suk Yi and Lynne Wisnesfski and the Producer for my segments Emerald-Jane Hunter (who was my Producer when I Hosted her show on NBC!), all our fabulous interns Anna Simovska, Chelsea Collins, Courtney Mosley, Dana Weems, Myke Marinkovich, Steven Hurn… And the many many many other great people on set and behind the scenes that I can’t even name because the list is so long and wonderful.. Hope you all tune in and support!

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  1. Lela

    Very cool. I can’t wait to see you and I miss Val, so glad she will be the co host!


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