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What’s up guys and dolls? It’s Wanjiku Kairu signing in from Billy’s office to tell you about a pretty awesome gallery you need to check out ASAP. As you all know, February is Black History month, and in honor of the occasion The Glass Curtain Gallery at Columbia College has been decorated with beautiful and eccentric art work for the Black Gossamer Exhibit collected by curator Camille Morgan. I was able to hang out and interview Camille with my iPhone to discuss the gallery, and what I found will blow your mind! The Black Gossamer displays art created mostly by African American artists and expresses their views on the African American identity in society. Every piece of art will not only entertain you, but educate you as well, it’s a win-win.

The exhibit showcases contemporary art inspired by clothing, fashion, textiles, and fabrications seeking to explore and uncover recent revolutions in black identity. Camille Morgan compiled an extraordinary collection of mind-blowing pieces that I just had to show you, and I promise they’re sure to entice you. There’s one piece that is a collection of small pillows stuffed with different textures of weave! I’m serious you guys, you need to check it out. It’s nuts over there. My final stop on my tour of the gallery ended in a room full of glitter that was made to represent dance hall and its connection with religion! I had no idea you could link the two, but check this interview out, and be sure to head over to the Black Gossamer before it’s too late.

The Glass Curtain gallery has free admission, and will be hosting a few discussions before it closes. On February 9th Camille Morgan will be holding the Critical Encounters Café Society discussion from 4pm-6pm, and on February 10 there will be a panel discussion entitled ‘What Color is Nude: The Racial Future of Fashion” with distinguished fashion history and race theory writers and artists from 1pm-3pm. Make sure to attend both! I’ll be stopping by the latter, so catch me and say hello when you arrive. Join us as we explore the future of black identity and uncover the hidden meanings behind several of the art works in deep and meaningful conversation. Oh, and did I mention there will be refreshments served? It sounds like my kind of place! The Black Gossamer is a gorgeous and undeniably entertaining way to learn about African American fashion, make sure you check it out soon.

See You There!

Wanjiku K<3

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