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Crazy weekend from Blackhawks to Cubs/Sox… and as you know, I always try to share the chicago behind the scenes here… so enjoy a quick look at some of my pics… from pre-parade celebration last Thursday night that all started at rockit.. until 5a yesterday morning!

And btw, sorry to all who couldn’t get to see the cup in Wrigleyville after the game as the players had texted me they had planned… said the city/cops felt after last weds it could just get way too mobbed w/cubs v sox crowd on top of it all…probably right… thank you players for letting me know as soon as rerouted w/in minutes of game ending (which I immediately forwarded on to all on facebook & twitter) so didn’t have to wait around… you all rock… sure everyone in chi will see it this summer all over town.. as it’s “a chicago thing” now! look at some of my pics

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  1. Sue Marshall

    Billy – I am so envious. You have my desired Christmas card picture!! I want to take a picture with Duncan Keith and my card would say…”All I want for Christmas is my 7 front teeth”!!!

    I need to make that happen! You should definitely use it for your card. HA!

    Thanks for being such an AWESOME Chicagoan…



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