Dempster Family Foundation’s “Casino Night”

Ryan Dempster is a starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs and has over thirteen years of MLB experience. He has been with the Cubs for the past eight years! His daughter, Riley, was born in 2009 with the genetic disorder 22q, which prompted him and his wife to start the Dempster Family foundation. The disease is a chromosomal abnormality that causes a very wide range of health issues. Not only does the disease cause developmental issues, but it also is the source of heart defects, autism, and immune system problems. Currently, a cure does not exist and children suffering from the disease require significant medical attention.
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muscle milk event w/chicago cubs ryan dempster tonite!

My friends on facebook & twitter always get mad when they miss a player or celeb hanging out at rockit Wrigley after a game so I am giving you all heads up now!  One of my favorite chicago cubs players...
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World Malaria Day in Chicago

First of all- check this quick video made by 4th & 5th graders in Kyoto, Japan- about the horrible malaria problem in Africa they are trying to help- a fight that we here in chicago will be supporting...
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Cubs Opener Party Monday! Wrigleyville will be NUTS!

It’s a party every summer in wrigleyville, but w/new owners of the cubs, not having the best weather last year, and it being our 1st cubs opening day celebration at the new rockit Wrigley, I get the feeling...
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My First Chicago Radio Promotion!

If you are all about immediate gratification & want to win stuff fast, click the radio segment above as we are giving away a ton of gift certificates & pre/post cubs parties at Rockit Wrigley on wgn...
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Rockit Billboard Social Media Campaign

Rockit Billboard Campaign from A Chicago Thing on Vimeo. Having grown up in the city looking at these billboards everday of my life, I certainly never thought I would have anything to do w/ one myself!...