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Hey Chicago!  This is Theresa D’Ambrose, I’m the nutritionist from Healthy Initiative Chicago and I want to tell you about our gala celebration this Saturday, March 9th at The Germania Place!!

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This celebration wraps up the 90-day nutrition and exercise challenge that we did with 40 Chicago participants.   As the nutritionist for the program, and part of the mentorship program, I got to see and interact with these participants every week, and continuously, I was blown away from the results they achieved, on the inside, and out.

Healthy Initiative founder Shea Vaughn, as well as fitness experts Stephanie Mansour and Sandi Berger kept the participants on their toes every week with top notch workouts!

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Before writing this, I looked back to the applications from last summer, and browsed through the different reasons listed for wanting to be in this program.   The list was long and diverse; lose weight to play in league sports again, want to run the Chicago marathon with my husband, I want to teach my children how to be healthy, I want to be around for my grandchildren, I want to start a family, I want to get rid of my chronic asthma, and I want to look and feel sexy for my husband.

This program has seen amazing weight loss results, but what has been more inspirational than anything, is that in the process of getting healthy and losing weight, LIFE CHANGED.  All of the reasons listed above, are the truest and most honest ways of what life means to us.  We stand for disease prevention, but we were also able to facilitate and witness these participants change the deepest threads of their life.  That is groundbreaking, and most definitely worth celebrating!

So celebrate we will!!  We have Dr. Joel Furhman M.D., as our keynote speaker, who is an expert and pioneer in the health and wellness field.  We also have an amazing hip-hop crew that will be performing, as well as live music and comedy by top Chicago talents.  Gourmet vegan and vegetarian food will be passed, and drinks will be available as we toast our participants throughout the night.  Please come join us!!

Healthy Initiative Foundation is championing disease prevention with awareness, education and solutions for building healthy and joyful lives.  The Foundation’s goal is to defeat obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers and other lifestyle diseases in children and adults, with transformational ideas and sustainable programs.

–Theresa D’Ambrose

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