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my favorite dance crew, Chicago’s FootworKINGz, are blowing up! Been watching them on the internet for years, doing my best to share their talent so yet another “style” of entertainment can originate out of chicago culture, and catch on around the world! Slowly it seems they are making it big, breaking out nationally and internationally representing chicago on platforms like “america’s got talent” (see video above), Ellen, VH-1, MTV, Rolling Stone, Madonna’s World Tour,… and more!

Want to enjoy, share & support these chicago talents as they celebrate and claim right to their very own “chicago” style of dance?!? Join them on October 3rd at the Harold Washington Cultural Center Theater where the FootworKINGz will host a launch party for their very 1st DVD called “Take Flight!” And spread the news!

The art of Footwork has gained popularity for over twenty years with its highly energized, lower body movement, which emphasizes constant rhythmic motions of the feet. It has attracted diverse audiences by applying footwork dance moves to various music genres, such as rock and electronic.“They set the whole floor on fire. They came through blazing. And I was like amazed cause I never seen anyone dance that fast,” describes Anthony Talauega, Choreographer for Madonna and Michael Jackson.

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