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george seriously pops in and out of chicago more than most! he really did come to my birthday party randomly-as in, he was that random friend that lives far away that you send that random invite out to thinking that person will never show – and then randomly they just walk right in during the most random time, was really funny…..but again, everything he does is funny…..anyway, you can tell he loves chicago so enjoy! 

 Most important for all of us, today represents the 30 day countdown to the official decision as to whether chicago (and the usa in general) will win the honor of being the host of the 2016 olympics!  I will be there in Copenhagen on Oct. 2nd with many others from the olympic committee (and hopefully president obama) to witness this historic decision first hand, because if we get it, it will be the most monumental experience to happen in chicago in my lifetime, and will be so proud and excited to join you in creating and hosting the most beautiful and memorable experience for millions (and the 4.4+ billion who watch on tv from around the world!).

 And How can you help our country and city win in 30 days?  Just share these videos far and wide today… and every day that you can until Oct 2nd as I am posting one new celebrity endorsing us per day until the decision is made!  you can click the buttons below that tweet the post, put on facebook/myspace, you can post it on chatboards, and/or you can simply email a message to all your friends,… just do whatever you can to get everyone you can to enjoy and share all these celebrity videos about how great our country & city is on!  Thanks all!

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  1. Peter Lund

    Thanks Billy. George Lopez gives good insight for why Chicago is an ideal candidate for 2016. Where else in America can a spectator from Romania find authentic Romanian food during their stay? Enough said. Amen George.

  2. ted

    Hi Billy! My name is Ted Regencia, I’m a Chicago-based reporter for an LA-based newspaper. I’d like to interview you in connection with your Chicago 2016 Olympics campaign. Please let me know how to contact you. Thank you!


  3. Char Sansoone

    It all sounds great and the Olympics, no matter when or where they are, are always an event to enjoy and celebrate. And yes, it would be exciting if they were in our home town.

    The larger issue at hand is this city has a history and habit of financing themselves and their projects through tax increases and/or financial moves that are only about covering city budget deficit without any consideration how it is affecting the citizens – especially as of late. And another obstacle, is this town is not called the Windy city for no reason (and it has nothing to do with the wind). I think more people would be on board if they knew they wouldn’t be footing any part of the bill and had more trust in city follow through.

    How I can contribute to this endeavor and contribute to gaining more support is to get involved in helping to ensure and create a sound financial and organizational foundation and system that is a win-win-win situation for Chicago, the Olympics and the people who live in the city. And communicate all of this in a way the instills confidence and support.

    One of my clients is an expert in financial and organizational for both municipalities and organizations and as a producer I am an expert in execution and communication.

    I know there are only 30 days left and if there is time for conversation, we would welcome the opportunity to contribute.

    Char Sansone

  4. Alex Orozco

    LOPEZ! I’m glad you feel the same way I do about Chicago, IL. I’ve seen you twice here and I really have to say from the bottom of my heart, my act is probably better than yours… You are good, but I take it to the next level. Practice your stage presence, material and audience identification and you’ll be great. Te estoy jodiendo. Everybody knows you’re great, thank you for supporting my home city and thank you for punching Carlos Mencia in the face that one time. Next time you see that puto kick him in the nuts for all of the hard working comedians out there who bust their ass to get jokes. We love YOU because you are original!


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