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As part of sport Celeb Olympic interview week here on aChicagoThing I’m 
sharing one of my favorite USA gold medalist Olympians born & raised in
 Chicago… Dwyane Wade!  We jumped on camera after a cool dinner a
 couple weeks ago to benefit his charity group- Wade’s World Foundation– which 
”provides support to community-based organizations that promote education, health and social skills for children in at-risk situations.”

Speaking of being philanthropic, Dwyane is presenting a check to the Chicago Public Library today which is huge and hosting 3 fun fundraising events all in the next 3 nights! A Carrnival Cruise Lines benefit dinner 
at the “W” Chicago City Center, a bowling event, and “D. Wade’s Chicago 
has Talent!” (his own American Idol staring local Chicago raw, up and
 coming talent).  For information on all events go to… 

If you want to help  bring the Olympic games to Chicago in 2016 pass this on through email, facebook, twitter…whatever will help spread the word far and fast – on 22 days to go! 

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