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so my friend nadine is just a trip – super funny, great on “my name is earl” and other stuff, in a bunch of films, makes maxim & other top 100 hot lists, and is about to blow up in lala land even more….but i respect her because she is just so true to her chicago upbringing and her beautiful puerto rican heritage…..props nadine….keep going girl! 

remember all, how can you show your love for the chi (& the usa as a whole) take one minute today to tell all your friends & contacts by email, twitter, facebook, phone calls, whatever….& ask all to listen to these wonderful personalities share their stories so the rest of the world knows how great our city (& country) is and how we want to share & strengthen friendships with the rest of our world! don’t forget, i am posting one new celeb interview per day here until the oct 2nd announcement that chicago (& the usa) will be the home of the 2016 olympics! so keep checking out who’s next! thx and….best of luck to all!

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  1. Gus


    You should be proud to be from Chicago. It is one of my favorite cities – even more so than my home town of Philadelphia.

    My favorite city is still New York. I love it and go up there every chance I can get.

    Can we see you acting in NYC anywhere for Law & Order New York?

    A Big Fan,

    Gus Roth

  2. jeremiah vargas

    My hometown is Chicago. I grew up there and love my city. Every chance I get block leave I go home to see my family. It would be amazing for Chicago to host one of the biggest events in history. I would have no second guess in whether to purchse a ticket to attend the events. Plus I love my chicago style pizza from di’ vitas. Omg. Amazing. Thanks for letting me speak my mind.

    Army Strong
    SGT Vargas


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