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My buddy Zach braff from nbc’s “scrubs” is absolutely hilarious in this- and it’s totally true- I may have harassed him to come hang out!  but he did the same to me years ago when we first met in chicago, and he wanted to hit the town a couple nights in a row- he loves to have a lot of fun in his favorite city chicago!  And as you can tell, as silly as we get, he is a smart passionate guy… a northwestern grad that knows our culture scene well….

 Most important for all of us, tomorrow represents the 30 day countdown to the official decision as to whether chicago (and the usa in general) will win the honor of being the host of the 2016 olympics!  I will be there in Copenhagen on Oct. 2nd with many others from the olympic committee (and hopefully president obama) to witness this historic decision first hand, because if we get it, it will be the most monumental experience to happen in chicago in my lifetime, and will be so proud and excited to join you in creating and hosting the most beautiful and memorable experience for millions (and the 4.4+ billion who watch on tv from around the world!).

 And How can you help our country and city win in 30 days?  Just share these videos far and wide today… and every day that you can until Oct 2nd as I am posting one new celebrity endorsing us per day until the decision is made!  you can click the buttons below that tweet the post, put on facebook/myspace, you can post it on chatboards, and/or you can simply email a message to all your friends,… just do whatever you can to get everyone you can to enjoy and share all these celebrity videos about how great our country & city is on!  Thanks all! 

Last but not least, Me and “da coach!” Mike Ditka, and some other fun personalities, will be speaking at the “chicago hospitality Backs the Bid Rally” this Thurs (9/3) @ 4p at The Hyatt Regency (151 E. Wacker Drive).. can you come?!?!  Or at least spread the good word!  For info go to
My speaking topic is why “I bet my business on it” and has a lot to do with sacrificing my normal role at my businesses to donate my time trying to make a contribution to an effort that will benefit my community… like making all these videos here on to add an element to the mix that shows off our city and country hopefully building excitement all over the world so that we can bring the games here and make history!  Some of the other benefits can be summed up by a great message someone sent out today copied below….
“Colleagues and Friends,
I hope this note finds you at the beginning of a productive week and at the end of a fantastic summer. 
On October 2nd the International Olympic Committee will meet in Copenhagen to select the Host City for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As an avid supporter of Chicago 2016, I am asking you to take a quick moment to consider your support of Chicago’s bid in some way. For those of you who have provided support through your financial, in-kind and/or volunteer support, thank you. 
This bid effort is a significant undertaking on the part of Chicago 2016 and the City of Chicago. With the incredible broad based support of both the civic and business community, we have been working hard for well over three years and have committed many millions of dollars to experience a win for the city on October 2, and an event of a lifetime for Chicago and the greater Olympic Movement in 2016.
I have outlined below just a few of the many ways the greater Chicagoland area would benefit from the 2016 Games:
A greater international awareness of a world class city, Chicago. We all know and love Chicago. So many people around the world do not. This awareness will drive value to the City of Chicago and greater Chicagoland region in so many ways.  
A $22.5 billion economic stimulus for the city and state that will create the equivalent of 315,000 jobs for one year; $13.7 billion of this activity will be focused in Chicago
An additional $1 billion from a variety of sources, including sales and amusement taxes, that will help support education, law enforcement and other city services 
A substantial increase in federal funds for roads and mass transit, based on the experiences of Atlanta and Salt Lake City 
By showcasing our lakefront, hotels and cultural institutions to 4 billion worldwide viewers, the Games will bring an additional 3 million international tourists to Chicago each year, and all of the needed economic stimulus and additional cultural depth that comes with that increase. 
Chicago 2016’s sister organization, World Sport Chicago, has already reached 30,000 youth all over the city through its sport programs, and these efforts will be expanded dramatically if Chicago becomes the 2016 Host City. Other cities in the U.S. are already modeling this program. 
The question on deck, and correctly so is, ”What is the risk to the city?” 
There is some degree of risk in every single endeavor worth pursuing. As a committee member with full access to the plan, I can tell you with great confidence that the risk is very controlled, extremely limited and very well placed. The city is well insulated from the risk of any financial shortfall. 
In summary, we will come out on top by every measure if we are so fortunate to win this historic bid. 
The Olympic and Paralympic Games are much more than a world class sporting event that serves as an economic engine for the host city. 
The Games are a platform for six core values of the Olympic Movement: 
These are values we should all make more room for in our lives.” 
For more info go to

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