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Ever since I started posting one celebrity interview a day here on achicagothing, the word about sharing chicago love & supporting the 2016 olympic bid has been spreading like crazy… so much that now other
celebrities are starting to send me their own videos from home to show their support too!

I already posted sent-in videos from my buddies kate walsh & billy bush, and today I’m sharing one from rachael ray! I thought today would be a good day to share rachael’s video because she premieres her show on wgn today! After checking out how much she loves and supports our great city/country… be sure to immediately share it with all of your friends on email, twitter, facebook, chatboards, fansites,… so word keeps spreading until the whole world feels our enthusiasm about how much we want to have the summer olympic games back in the usa so that we win the bid when I land in Copenhagen for the official announcement on Oct 2nd!

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