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Billy bush from “access Hollywood” actually sent this video in himself when heard about all the support pouring in for chicago…  Why?  Because he loves this city!  I know because we have the best time ever when he is in town.  that and he has a unique insight that most of us don’t- not only has he been to the Olympics, but he has actually covered it before… so he definitely knows the ins and outs of the Olympics more than most of us and knows what it takes to be the perfect city to host the games… and he picks chicago!  Enjoy.. 

Most important for all of us, today represents the 28 day countdown to the official decision as to whether chicago will win the honor of being the host of the 2016 olympics!  I will be there in Copenhagen on Oct. 2nd with many others from the olympic committee (and hopefully president obama) to witness this historic decision first hand, because if we get it, it will be the most monumental experience to happen in chicago in my lifetime! 

 And How can you help in the next 28 days?  Just share these videos far and wide as I am posting one new celebrity endorsing us per day. you can  tweet the post, put on facebook/myspace, post it on chatboards, and/or you can simply email a message to all your friends…..Thanks all!

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