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Dear Chicago,

Live music!  Free Cookies!  Boobs! Ok, TOTALLY kidding about the boobs. But I have your attention now, right?  This Friday, my band will playing a big all ages show at Mayne Stage to promote the release of my new single, “Santa Monica”, and it would be amazing to see you there. All of you! All five of you who didn’t run for the hills when I said, “live music”.

So…what’s in it for you?  Yes, of course having the entire Chicago community packed into this gorgeous venue would definitely benefit me and my 8- piece band a great deal…but this isn’t about us.  This is about you.  We want to put on a great show for you.  We want to make you dance.  We want to make you cry.  Most importantly, we want you to go home with free music and chocolate chip cookies. (I bake cookies for all of my shows!)

All gimmicks aside, I’m really excited to share my new music with you. Can’t wait to see you there.




Location: Mayne Stage

When: Friday, January 18th

Need Tickets? ($10-15)


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