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City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style. In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas. Christmas in Chicago that is…. and we are so excited to be part of to share a new event that is hitting this great city of ours. SocialTechPop; which is popular culture and technology blog and events company is hosting Chicago Christmas Crawl in the great Chicago neighborhood of Wicker Park and we want you to join us.

Chicago Christmas Crawl, #CCC2014 is a walking themed event in which over 20 local venues showcase their food tasting and cocktail holiday specials. The event focuses on the spirit of the season in celebration of the holidays with food, family, friends, costumes and fun.

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Each venue will provide a $3-$5 tasting option in which attendees can go on a “food crawl” throughout the Wicker Park neighborhood. Participants will be given a “holiday plate” in which to collect stickers from venues for purchasing the specials and will be entered into a raffle for a variety of amazing prizes.

From Frames, Santa Hats, & Funny Holiday Photo Props, we have you covered for some classy Chicago tundra/vortex fun. It’s a day you will remember for the rest of your life and truly an experience you cannot miss. We wouldn’t want you to have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out!). Happy Holidays!

Purchase Tickets & More info:

Eventbrite Direct Link

Use coupon code “AChicagoThing” for $10 off EACH TICKET

Chicago Christmas Crawl Specials List:

A Baker’s Tale

-$4 Tasting Special Includes: Mini Homemade S’more, Winter Wedding Cookie, Mini Peppermint Chocolate Cupcake

Alliance Bakery

-$2.75 Candy Cane Sugar Cookie

-$3 French Macaron Combo

Armands Pizzeria

-$2.50 Pizza Slice

Banh Mi & Co

-$5 Large Wonton Soup

-$4 Spring Rolls

-$3 Iced Coffee

-$2 Lychee Lemonade

Black Bull

-$5 Patatas Bravas

-$5 Fireball Cocktails & Shooters

Caffe’ Street

-$3 Spicy Hot Chocolate

Division Ale House

-$5 Irish Nachos

-$5 Fireball Cocktails/Shooters

-$5 Dr. McGillicuddy Vanilla Cocktails/Shooters


-$5 Chicken & Waffle Bites

-$5 Fireball Cocktails & Shooters

-$5 Dr. McGillicuddy Mint Cocktails/Shooters


-$10 Empanadas Plate of (5)

-$7 Argentinian Sausage Sandwich

-$5 Fireball Cocktails/Shooters


-$4 Cheddar Bacon Biscuits

-$5 Fireball Cocktails/Shooters

Gold Star Bar

-$5 Fireball Cocktails & Shooters


-$6 Wings (4) & French Fries

-$5 Fireball Cocktails/Shooters

-$5 Dr. McGillicuddy Apple Pie Cocktails/Shooters


-$5 Basket of Wings

Phyllis Musical Inn: Cash Only Location

-$5 Fireball Cocktails/Shooters

-$5 Dr. McGillicuddy Cocktails/Shooters


-$3 Holiday Red Frozen Kefir

Takito Kitchen

-$3 Beef Brisket Tacos

-$5 Takito Margarita

The Anthem

-$3 Burger Slider

-$3 Mac & Cheese Mini Bowl

-$5 Fireball Cocktails/Shooters

-$5 Dr. McGillicuddy Cocktails/Shooters

The Bedford

-$5 Pulled Pork Sliders w/ Fries

-$5 Fireball Cocktails/Shooters

The Boundary

-$5 Mac & Cheese Bites

-$6 Thin Mint Hot Chocolate

-$5 Fireball Cocktails/Shooters

-$5 Dr. McGillicuddy Mint Shooters

The Fifty/50

-$1 Single Fifty/50 Smoked BBQ Pork Rib

-$4 Fifty/50 3 Buffalo or BBQ Chicken Wings

-$5 Fireball Cocktails/Shooters

-$5 Dr. McGillicuddy Apple Pie Shooters


-$5 Fireball Cocktails/Shooters

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