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shoutout to all our chicago talent in the big screen realm w/ their amazing festival coming up soon!  as my man Roger Ebert said, “The Chicago International Film Festival has spent its lifetime being a lifeline for new directors, films, and national cinemas.”  And I just think we all need to support to keep it thriving- that’s why I’m treating some of you to a night out to the movie of your choice at the festival!

The 46th International Film Festival will take place October 7-21 at AMC River East 21.  This year it will be screening more than 150 films from 50 different countries & the event will be a star-packed red carpet event along with panel discussions that explain the behind the scenes of moviemaking & showcase among the best directors. (check video above to see highlights & who attended last year!)

The first Chicago International Film Festival was held in 1965 & is one of North America’s oldest film events.  Each year, the committee travels the world to find films that move and inspire people.  The festival has brought he first feature films by outstanding directors like Martin Scorsese, Slumdog Millionaire’s Danny Boyle, Peter Weir, Mike Leigh, Gregory Nava, Bertrand Tavernier, Jan Troell, Joe Swanberg, Rainer Werner Fassbinder & more!

For more info & schedules visit! & as far as those tickets, just leave a comment below of when you want to go & what you want to see!

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  1. Krystal

    I would love to get tickets to Mooz-lum at 6 p.m. on Sunday Oct. 10! This is the perfect film to take my brother to (he’ll be visiting Chicago that weekend for the U.S. Soccer team game at Soldier field)! Please keep me in mind, Billy Dec!! : )

  2. Stephanie Griffin

    I would LOVE to see The Myth of the American Sleepover on October 9th, the tribute to Guillermo del Toro on the 15th or Beautiful Darling or All That I Love on the 16th.

    I’m already seeing Black Swan, Big Tits Zombie, Uncle Boonmee, and Trust! CIFF is the best.

  3. chase g

    STONE- norton and de niro, all think that’s all i really need to say. I’ve got my fingers crossed.
    Thanks Billy

  4. Jenny Dziubla

    Scratch that- I would rather see Conviction on the 10th! I love Hilary Swank!!!

  5. Erik Sabin

    I would love to see Big Tits Zombie on October 15th to get in the Halloween spirit or My Joy on October 14th (I have to write a review on a European directed film) Either one would be awesome! BTW love the fries at Rockit! Thanks

  6. @ohmygoditsomgz

    Would love some tix to stone on the 7th and bitter feast on the 10th. Thanks for coming through, billy.

  7. Jisel Emilia

    I am a huge fan of Natalie Portman and would love to see the psychological thriller, Black Swan. I would also like to see I Miss You October 12, We are what we are October 13, If i want to whistle, i whistle October 8 or Of Love and Other Demons Oct 15.

  8. Jordan J B

    Mooz-lum is showing at 6 p.m. sunday october 10th. I’m excited to see it because it relates to my thesis research and b/c I’ll be visiting my sister in chicago, and without the Chicago int’l film festival she’ll probably make me move furniture or watch her cats the whole time. Help me out billy! Ha thanks

  9. Jessica McGee

    Any of the following would be spectacular!
    Nice Guy Johnny- because of Ed Burns! Oct 15
    Stone- Norton and DeNiro (my fave actor!) Oct 17
    Trust- Oct 16, 18 or 19 I love Clive Owen; And Schwimmer directs! (representing the CHI!)
    Some boys don’t leave 10/15

    Your the best!!

  10. Ashley

    Billy, I’m a huge fan! I went to the Venice Film festival last year and saw “The men who stare at goats.” I really want to go to the Chicago fil festival. I would love to see 127 hours or red on OCT 13th. But my real question is do you have any extra tickets to the after party at Sunda on Oct 13th? I’m a friend of Paul L (Sunda), too!

    Thanks and I love following you on Twitter 🙂

  11. Haylee

    this is probably too late but..I would love to see 127 hours on Oct 13th at 7pm.

  12. Cathi

    Would **LOVE** to see 127 Hours and the amazing Danny Boyle! He always does amazing work. Can you hook us up, Billy?

  13. Cathi O

    I would **LOVE** to see 127 Hours and the amazing Danny Boyle. He always does great work. Can you hook us up?

  14. Eric M. Carter

    Would love to see RED! October 13th 6:30 PM.
    Big fan of John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman & of course the Mr. Willis

    Keep up the great work in the Great City Billy!



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