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Hi everyone, I’m Lauren from CIMMFest. I’m here to tell you about the Bloodshot 20th Anniversary Showcase. Are you looking to add some spark to your Saturday night? Well, read on while you listen to one of our featured artists, Murder by Death.

Bloodshot Records has been a staple in the Chicago music scene for 20 years. Owners Nan Warshaw and Rob Miller began the independent record label in 1994, and they’ve remained curators of music lurking in places unknown to the mainstream ever since. They sign Chicago artists that pull at the heartstrings, express themselves in a unique way and fit with their DIY/Alternative aesthetic.


In celebration of their 20th Anniversary, Bloodshot will host a Showcase with Murder by Death, who in their 10+-year career has created their own niche of orchestral indie rock with an array of styles including waltzes, jigs and gospel music.

Other artists performing at the Showcase will be Chicago native Nora O’Connor, who spent most of 2013 touring internationally as a singer for Iron and Wine, 77-year-old R&B legend Andre “Mr. Rhythm” Williams, and Danny Black from The Blacks.

The Showcase will take place on May 3rd at the Logan Square Auditorium as part of the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival. Join and celebrate 20 years of alternative country music and unique punk expression in the music industry!

Tickets are only $20 and can be purchased online in advance

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