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Hey, Chicago! Let’s listen to some tunes together and feel good!

I mean, doesn’t it just seem like a good time for that?

Here’s the short version of my story—piano obsessed Midwestern farm girl moves to the big city to chase her dreams. Fast forward a bit—I’m still on a really interesting ride, which has involved jazz festivals, Broadway shows, TV shows, nightclubs, you name it. Which leads me to my third album release, which is why I’m here today.

Bring Joy perfectly describes the motive behind this collection of instrumental tunes—songs and vibes intended for the listener (that’s you!) to feel and enjoy, delivered by a really great jazz trio plus some very special guests. I’m a music nerd with a really wide variety of tastes and experiences, which have ended up focusing my efforts on really connecting with people through the music. 

So this is music for jazz lovers, sure; but it’s even more for anyone who has ever known that great feeling that comes from putting on some music and just hanging out.

I hope you’ll join us at the Green Mill (what an amazing spot, if you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself to visit!) on Monday, November 28 at 9p for some music to feel good about. You deserve a break from the news cycle, you know?

See you then,

Jo Ann

P.S. Of course I should mention my website where you can BUY THE RECORD (also on iTunes and all the other normal places soon). You can find me at and on Facebook too.

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