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nba chicago bulls’ dance troupe / cheerleaders, the infamous chicago luvabulls, are having their annual tryouts this Saturday- and I’m a judge!  (Ya, tough job, but someone had to step up- haha!)  at last year’s auditions, when I was first asked to Judge, I showed up & froze when thousands of ridiculously talented & beautiful chicago girls were jamming out in front of me to killer music & routines- just so I could start making my picks- omg- it was crazy- very excited about the ’09-’10 crew this saturday!

Anyway, need your help to spread the word- everyone has a friend that should tryout to be on the luvabulls- you never know who will be picked!?!   Think- what a fun way to support & celebrate our city performing at bulls home games, representing at charity events, promotional opportunities.. and when they travel internationally (luvabulls have appeared in japan, Greece, costa rica, france,… and more)! just go to and Fill out an application, practice your moves, and will see ya at the United Center this Saturday (8/1) at 9am!

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  1. kristin_725

    Billy, When judging don’t forget to pay attention to the girls’ eye contact with their audience. They should have good expressions while performing and if they mess up, it should not show on their face! Have fun at try-outs…

  2. billy

    thx so much! will do- i know that would be the toughest part for me if i was out there- so totally agree! thx for commenting!


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