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I’ve always wanted to attend a movie premiere but never understood how people knew about getting tickets and the event in advance. I happen to miss the boat every time and would hear reviews about the film the next day.  I FINALLY came across some info about a Chicago film premiere on March 13th for “The Keeper of the Keys”.

“The Keeper of the Keys” is an inspirational film starring Jack Canfield, John Gray, Steve Olsher, and Marci Shimoff. You are sure to laugh and get chills at the same time while watching this film about a man whose taking life for granted as it starts to go in a downward spiral. Just as he’s giving up and losing hope, he gets a visit by a key Keeper who tries to help him turn all the negatives into positives. His Keeper uses her keys to go into different portals and improve him and his life. You have to watch and see if he could take the pressure and overcome his physical and mental obstacles.

If this film doesn’t put you in that feel good mood then maybe this will give it that extra push…this premiere is also tied in with being a fundraiser to help raise funds for the Lukas family through Keep On Keeping On. Keep On Keeping On is a nonprofit organization that helps people who are living with severe physical disabilities and helps to educate others to make a difference in their community.

The money raised from this Chicago premiere is benefitting the Lukas family so they can afford to get an elevator lift in their home. Four children in the Lukas family suffer from cerebral palsy and three of them are wheelchair bound. If enough money is raised for the Lukas’ an elevator lift would make things a lot easier in their house and improve their everyday living.

The Keeper of the Keys film premiers on March 13th at 6:45pm in the Highland Park Theater. You can go online here to reserve your seat and help to improve the lives of a very deserving family.

Rhea Drougas

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