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While having an amazing dinner w/ my buddy joe Mantegna last night at sunda, other chicago actor friends Larenz tate & michael Clarke Duncan came over to say hello! It was really cool to see 3 very different chicago entertainers that I know from very different places, times, experiences… love being introduced to each other smiling, hugging, laughing,… instantly bonding because they all had a thing they all loved in common… being home in chicago!  (think you can see the love above!)

Joe come home to enjoy visiting family & his hometown city while on break from filming “criminal minds” while larenz & michael (along with a dozen other celebs they were there to have dinner with) are in town for a celebrity charity basketball game where they are playing our very own chicago sky tonight!  (tix at…   All in all, they all exuded love for jumping on any reason to come back to sweet home chicago!  And that is very cool…

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  1. Lynne

    You have so many great cool friends! I love the image of Chicagoans all huggin’ up like family when they run into each other. What a town!!! I love our city!!


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