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a couple weeks ago a friend of this blog turned me on to chicago’s new “aspire coffee” and I am absolutely hooked!  The taste is so amazing that I am drinking it every morning- and most important, by doing so, I am helping “aspire of Illinois” provide assistance and services for adults and children with developmental disabilities… it’s an amazing mix of quality and good service, which I love, to the point that it just got featured today show!  Check out video above, I am determined to get you to at least try it!

A little history…..Aspire of Illinois is a 50 year old company with 21 sites throughout the western suburbs of Chicago that Aspire makes sure those are jobs in which the ones they help can flourish and achieve their full potential. They work with children in any arena from taking their first steps, to supporting and working with their families towards the child’s future. Aspire also helps and works closely with senior citizens. That’s what truly impresses me, this is a company dedicated to helping many throughout an entire lifetime.
To increase funding, late last year Aspire partnered with Metropolis Coffee, one of the nation’s top artisan coffee roasters to bring you Aspire Coffeeworks – delivering fresh top-roasted coffees to your door! Aspire CoffeeWorks’ staff work right alongside Metropolis Coffee’s team to grind, package, and ship your order. They were kind enough to send me a couple of their roasts and I already hooked.
Please visit to read more about this company’s heart warming beginning, where they have come, and how you can volunteer.

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